Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Class of 2022-2023

Settling into Nursery

The children have been settling into Nursery and making new friends. They have been learning lots of new routines e.g. snack, toileting, hand washing and our art routine. We have been spending time learning about our colours and the children  have enjoyed exploring these colours during art activities, sorting activities, colour hunts and colour mixing experiments. We had our first session with Coach Paul which was really good fun. The children loved going on our Teddy Bear Hunt in The Wilds (our very own mini forest). It's been a busy and fun month getting to know each other. 

Autumn Time and Harvest 

We have been learning about Autumn this month. The children all got a special bag home to collect their Autumn treasures. We used these to create a whole class collage and to explore in the dough and at the investigation area The children have been working hard to develop their scissor skills; cutting leaves, dough and paper. Outside the children have been helping to sweep up all the Autumn leaves. We learnt about how important Harvest is and how the farmers help to grow and gather in the food we like to eat. We named different vegetables and even helped to make our own soup, which we enjoyed for our snack time. 

A visit from Mike from The World of Owls 

We really enjoyed our visit from Mike. The children were very gentle when handling the animals.

November Fun

It's been a busy month. We spent time talking ourselves and our families. We named body parts and talked about our senses. We took part in senses activities such as listening games and guessed different things by their smell and how they felt. We also celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week in November. We learnt the songs 5 Little Frogs, 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive, Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star, The Big Ship Sails and BINGO. We also celebrated Children in Need by wearing our clothes back to front and having crazy hair. Debbie Do Little also came to visit us in Nursery. We really enjoyed meeting the different animals e.g. a fox, hedgehog, rabbit and owl. 

Christmas Fun in Nursery

We have been having lots of fun this month. We took part in a pyjama and movie day to raise money for the school. The children have taken part in lots of Christmas activities such as playing in Santa's Workshop, doing Christmas jigsaws, making salt dough decorations and Christmas cards. We also enjoyed our session with Coach Paul and the children worked on their throwing skills with a partner. The weather was very cold, so we made snowflakes using marbles and paint and a Winter collage. The children were very excited to meet a special visitor and collected food to support a local food bank.

Merry Christmas. 

Our Christmas Nativity - A Wriggly Nativity