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Welcome to Primary Two!

The children have settled in are enjoying everything that P2 has to offer during playtime!

’The Wilds’ and the Great Outdoors!

We visited ‘The Wilds’ every week during September and October....what a wonderful time we had!

The children climbed trees, explored their natural environment, went on treasure hunts, jumped in muddy puddles, found bugs, made masks, collected leaves and made lots of memories!

Strawberry Investigation!

We looked at strawberries through magnifying glasses to see what the outside and the inside of strawberries are like.  We also looked at the seeds and leaves...then we got to eat them too!


We have read lots of books this term.  One of our favourites has been ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.  The children created their own ‘Wild Things’ on black paper using coloured chalk!

Yellow Day

P2 made a super effort in supporting World Mental Health Day by coming to school dressed in something yellow!  Well done everybody...What a bright bunch you are!


Fort Evergreen

We had a fantastic day at Fort Evergreen. We saw some hedgehogs, went on a scavenger hunt, met Charlie the pony, made leaf men during an art session and then got to play in the fort!


Odd Socks Day!

Look at our groovy odd socks! 

As part of Anti-Bullying Week we put on odd socks to celebrate how different we all are! 

’Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?’

Dr Seuss

P2 Play Reporting!
This is what happens when we let P2 loose with the class iPad to report on all the fun and learning that takes place during play!

World Book Day 2020

We all took our favourite books to the hall and the P6 children read to us!  Some of the children had their older brothers and sisters read to them....what a beautiful sight to see!

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P2 are in Lockdown!

Here are some highlights of what the pupils in our class have been getting up to during lockdown! 

There has been lots of outdoor fun, Lego challenges completed, a new baby brother, baking bonanzas, help with the housework, singing sensations and of course, those wonderful Home Learning packs!

Keep sending through your photos and videos...we love to see them!

P2 proudly present...
More Lockdown Antics!

Keep the pictures and videos coming....we love to see what you are all getting up to!