Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Meet the Staff


Mrs E Davidson, Principal and P5 Teacher


Mrs L Gibson, Vice-Principal and P4 Teacher


Mrs L Sterritt, Nursery Teacher


Mrs L Copes, Nursery Assistant

Mrs D Toal, P1 Teacher


Mrs A Fleming, P1 Teacher & P5 Teacher Mondays and Fridays


Mrs G Smith, P1 Classroom Assistant and Supervisory Assistant


Mrs E Thompson, P2 Teacher


Mrs A Porter, P2 Classroom Assistant and Supervisory Assistant


Mrs Shilliday, P2 Classroom Assistant


Mrs D Hutchings, P4 Classroom Assistant


Mrs R Foley, P3 Teacher


Mrs J McKnight, P6 Teacher


Mr P Adamson, P7 Teacher


Mrs J Moorhead, Secretary


Mrs L Copes, Supervisory Assistant and 123 Club Leader


Mrs P Moffett, Building Supervisor and Supervisory Assistant


Mrs H Megaw, School Cook


Mrs E Little, Dining Assistant and Cleaner


Miss S Cardwell, Dining Assistant