Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit




We had a great time making clay frogs in our final art lesson of the year!


Captain John Groves came to tell us about his job as a pilot. 

We thoroughly enjoyed his visit.


We had a terrific trip to the Ulster Transport Museum and enjoyed a lovely picnic for our lunch.


We made our own gyrocopters and had great fun seeing how long it would take for them to reach the ground.


We had good fun learning about the force of lift and the importance of air pressure to lift and to keep objects in the air!


Sports' Day Wednesday 17th May 2023

We had a brilliant time on Sports' Day.  The sun shone and we enjoyed a sprint, an egg and spoon and an obstacle race.

Well done to our sprint medal winners, Charlotte, Olivia S, Olivia D and Skyler!

Well done to our sprint medal winners, Scott, Hugh and Benny!


Well done to our egg and spoon medal winners, Olivia S, Lois and Hannah!

Well done to our egg and spoon medal winners, Benny, Hugh and Scott!

Well done to our obstacle course medal winners, Charlotte, Skyler and Connie!

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Well done to our obstacle course medal winners, Austin, Scott and Hugh!


A huge thank you to Mrs Hanna, who brought in a little chick to show us. 

We really enjoyed holding him and feeling how soft his feathers are.


Coffee grows in rainforests, so we learned how to make a cup.

We then tasted the coffee and it was the very first time for some of us. 

We tried it with and without sugar, but most people preferred it with some sugar!

We then wrote instructions for making a cup of coffee.


We had great fun identifying and tasting rainforest foods!

Some of us tasted foods that we had never tasted before and surprised ourselves by liking foods we thought we wouldn't like!

Some of the foods we just didn't like at all!!

We made graphs of our favourite rainforest foods.



We had fun making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday


We shared some of what we had learned about making linen, in assembly.

We learned lots about Fire Safety from Fire Officer Mark Bronte

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ballydown Presbyterian Church, where we participated in the Key to Life programme.


Mr Stafford took us to Glasker Mills, to draw sketches of the mill.  Our finished sketches are now on display.

Visit to the Irish Linen Centre in Lisburn

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Linen Centre. As well as lovely wristbands, which we made ourselves, we came away with some fascinating (and gloriously disgusting) facts! P5 were horrified and amazed to learn that pink fabric dye made from cochineal beetles is the same as the dye used to colour many of their favourite sweets. They even got to squash some and see their fingers turn red! Just don't ask them what was used in the old days to fix dyes to linen so that they didn't run out in the wash! 

Practical Angles Work

P5 were a little shocked to be asked to stick tape to their desks and write on them with board pens but they quickly got used to creating right, acute and obtuse angles.