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Nursery Graduation

We had a lovely morning for our Graduation on Wednesday 28th June.

Mini beasts, Plants and Spring

We have been learning all about different types of mini beasts. We have set up a bug den outside and have been going on mini beast hunts. We have a wormery, tadpoles, a snail and caterpillars. We have been helping look after and feed our class pets. We are also learning about the different parts of a plant and we have been helping to plant and water seeds.


Transport and Spring

We have been learning all about different types of transport. We have also been learning about staying safe on the roads and made our own traffic light buns and set up a car wash outside. We also went on an Easter egg hunt in the Wilds and decorated eggs with our own patterns.

A visit from a Pilot

Today we had a very exciting visit from a Pilot. It was so interesting to find about what a Pilot does. We even had the chance to dress up in his uniform.

Animals and Valentine's Day  

We have been learning all about different types of animals, pets, farm animals, wild animals and sea creatures. We have really enjoyed pretending to be explorers in our safari outside and a vet in our Vetinary Clinic. We have made Rainbow fish discs, painted pictures of our own pets and cut out slithery snakes from paper plates. We have worked hard to learn all about where these different animals come from and what they are called.


We have been learning all about Space and what we might find if you went there. We learnt about the planets and stars. We made rockets, Mod Roc planets and our very own aliens. We really enjoyed playing in our Space Station outside.  

Cold places and Winter

We have been learning all about Cold Places such as the North Pole and South Pole. We have been finding about how Inuit people live in cold countries and how they build igloos and have to wrap up very warm. We have also been pretending to be Polar explorers in our own igloo.

We had a visit from some lovely Fire Fighters.

Sam's daddy told us all about how we can stay safe by having a fire alarm in our homes. He let us try on his uniform, but it was a little bit too big for us.   

We were allowed to sit inside the Fire Engine and look at all the equipment. It was very exciting.

Christmas and Food


Whoops A Daisy Angel

We worked very hard to learn all our Christmas songs to perform the play 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'  for our families.

Debbie Dolittle came to visit us in Nursery

Debbie brought in lots of lovely animals for us to see and touch. We met Flash the ferret, Cookie the rabbit, Crinkle the hedgehog, Spirit the barn owl and Lynny the fox.