Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

School Council 2018 - 2019


Foundation Stage Councillors

P.1.  Councillors - Lily Niblock and Benny Gibson

P.2. Councillors - Chloe Wharburton and Charlie Hanna


Key Stage 1 Councillors

P.3. Councillors - Cora McKnight and Robbie Cowan

P.4. Councillors - Kara McGregor and Scott McKnight

Key Stage 2 Councillors

P.5. - Georgina Harkness and Luca Thompson

P.6. - Nina Sneddon and James Henning

P.7. - Abbie Lyons and Jacob Meeke



Eco council 2018 - 2019



Foundation Stage Council

P.1. - Olivia Sterritt and Hugh McCallister

P.2. - Anabella Johnston and Reuben Moore

Key Stage One Eco Council

P.3. Rachel Hanna and Charlie Moffett

P.4. - Molly McCallister and Thomas Henning

Key Stage Two Eco Council

p.5. - Grace Fitzpatrick and Callum McGregor

P.6. - Amy Henry and Logan Waddell

P.7. - Tara Lennon and Taylor McKnight