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kyle(a few years ago)

hi everyone York was fab-U-lous

Lauren Sleith(a few years ago)

2 Days till york people, 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait, going to be sooooo fun!!!!!!

Rachel p.7(a few years ago)

mu mum just stood on my earring now it is bent and the paint is coming off too :{

Rachel p.7(a few years ago)

hi guess what i am going to .............. France tomorrow but i do not wanna go

caitie(a few years ago)

Congrats to Mr Adamson his wife had a baby girl

caitie(a few years ago)

hi i had to tidy my room so i could go showjumping at Crossmaglen. I have just finished tiding it. I have to tidy my room so i can get the big computer in my room, that means i will be on the website more often and i will get to type out my homework when i need to.

caitie(a few years ago)

hi everyone i was out showjumping in Fontona today and i am going to Crossmaglen tomorrow. This morning i had to get up a 5.00am because we did'nt know where to go, it was the Denjie showjumping final. I got a clear round in the first round but got 2 down in the speed round with a time of 26.30 secs. I just got to keen and turned to sharp into the jumps. Tomorrow is the showjumping Ireland regastered. Today the Iveigh pony club got first place because Jack Scott came first place on his pony White Ribbon. But in the Tack and Turnout i came third.

rachel(a few years ago)

hi i am in the p5 classroom it is fun mrs mc niece give us choclate hope she give us hot choco bye mmmmm hot choco

caitie(a few years ago)

merry christmas the moment i am playing on cool math games. go on it,it's great plus it helps you with your math im going onto panfu now gotta go.

rachel and kerrie(a few years ago)

hi merry chirstmas!!! we are on club penguin we wish you a merry chirstmas and a happy new year yey!!!

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