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In our second term in Primary 6 we are learning about China in WAU.  We will be learning many things including: Chinese New Year, where the country is on the map, some of the features of the landscape, cultural traditions and what life in China is like today. 


This year Chinese New Year celebrations began on Friday 16th February.  We learnt all about how the Chinese celebrate this special event and created a colourful display in our classroom which reflects how the Chinese people would decorate their own houses in celebration.


In art we also created our own versions of Chinese Painted Scrolls



At the beginning of Term 2 Primary 6 welcomed Jeannie Graham to our classroom for a series of lessons looking at issues which might affect us when we get older, such as Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs etc. and thought about this in relation to what the Bible teaches us.  We had lots of fun learning with Jeannie and especially enjoyed trying to walk while wearing 'Beer Goggles'!!


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