Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Welcome to Primary 5



Click on the link below to play Hit the Button and practise your tables

Hit the Button


Practise telling the time with the link below

Interactive Clock


January 2018 

We have been learning about Early Man and we made model Mesolithic Huts 

First we made the frame from willow 


Next we used fabric to cover the frame


Then we made a base for the hut and added the finishing touches


October 2017

We estimated and measured weights


We had great fun learning about flight with practical experiments.


We played games and made posters about homophones



September 2017

We enjoyed measuring each other with metre sticks


We printed leaves and made an autumn tree.

Then we made kestrels as we learned about flight


We learnt lots about Red Kites from Mr Alan Ferguson from RSPB


Dressing up for Children in Need