Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

P3 2017 - 2018


Making Mother Bear's Porridge

Making electric circuits


Road safety talk


Our trip to W5



Link to homework activity WB 27/11/17:



Guide dog visit

We had a wonderful visit from the lovely David and Paxton on Thursday 23rd November. Such a lot of interesting information was shared and the children asked some excellent questions. David showed us a talking watch, a brail watch, a couple of canes and some glasses that represented the visual impairment that some conditions cause. Paxton was obedient, gentle and friendly, and he loved the attention and petting.



Link to homework activity WB 9/10/17:



We had a fun time doing a taste test. Not everything tasted as we expected...



We had a lovely time in the wild area and made some great posters from the things we collected.


Dressing up for Children in Need


Useful websites to support learning in P3