Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit



Sports Day

This term in Primary 6 we have been very busy learning about China.

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year; about why it is celebrated in January or February, about how they prepare for the New Year celebrations, how long the festivities last for and all about the Legend of Nian.  The monster Nian, came every lunar new year to attack a village and the people were terrified until, a wise man discovered Nian was frightened of the colour red, loud noises and fire.  This is why Chinese New Year celebrations still to this day focus on red, noise and fire. 

We have also been learning about the geography of the country, about some of the famous landmarks such as The Great Wall of China and about what life was like in Ancient China and today.

We have been very busy decorating our classroom in celebration of Chinese New Year.

2019 is the year of the Pig.


Math Day 2019

On Thursday 14th March we had a day completely dedicated to Math. 

Primary 6 enjoyed playing lots of games and dressing up in Math themed clothes.


World Book Day

This year in celebration of World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book character.  Can you spot your favourite too?

Eco Work Around School

Primary 6 had lots of fun planting bulbs around school and painting a planter.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful flowers when they appear.