Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Sports Day

                                   ECO SCHOOLS


Our Eco Project has included a study into the birds that may visit our Wilds area. Liz Farnan came to visit our class and talked about how to identify birds by listening to their unique calls. We also made pine cone bird feeders using lard and bird seed. We hung these up in the Wilds. 

The Northern Ireland Waterbus came to visit us following our Water topic. We learnt a lot more about water pollution, our water treatment works and the water cycle. 

                   The Bronte Homeland Tour 2019

Afte studying the Bronte family, we took a tour of the Bronte Homeland led by the very knowledgable Mrs McNeice. 


      Our Miniature Garden 

We used the school badge as the inspiration for our miniature garden. 


We had a wonderful time exploring all things "Autumn"!