Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Welcome to P3 2019-20


We are incorporating some active learning techniques into our lessons. This carousel activity involved children moving around four stations. Each station had a large piece of paper labelled with the name of a member of staff. The children had to write a question they wanted to ask each staff member (who we went on to interview a few days later!).

The Wilds

We went on a sense walk to the Wilds. The children enjoyed making bark rubbings.


Harvest Collage

We read a lovely poem called 'I give you thanks'. We talked about what it meant to us and drew pictures to go with each verse. We then presented these at our harvest assembly.


Making 3D shapes

In P3 we try to make work as practical as possible. Here we are making 3D shapes out of playdough.


Outside Activities

P3 enjoy being outside. When the weather is good we take our PE outside. We have also enjoyed doing the daily mile.