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ECO Club

The Eco Club meets to discuss all environmental issues that affect our school and the wider community. The children elect representatives from each class to The Eco Club. These representatives meet regularly to discuss and implement ideas. We have achieved a Bronze and Silver award and hope to be awarded a Green Flag soon.

The Eco Club Members are:

Mrs Davidson

Mr Campbell  

Mrs Frazer  

Mrs Moffett

Mrs Copes













Some initiatives currently undertaken are:

Recycling : Paper/magazines, card/cardboard, drink/food cans, glass bottles/jars, batteries, ink cartridges, foil wrapping, old books, clean clothing and mobile phones. 


Bronte Bird Hide

Bird feeders/tables

Wildlife Area

Litter Patrol

Healthy Break

Logs/rocks for invertebrates


Welcome Humphrey the Hedgehog!

Debbie from T.A.C.T brought us a hedgehog for our Wild Garden. We called him Humphrey. 


Primary Six visited Tesco in  Banbridge. David took us on a tour of the store. He showed us ways in which Tesco are trying to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

See some pictures below.



       A bird's nest in our school.

How do you travel to school?


Our target is over 1000 batteries by June 2011!

Well done to everyone. Keep up the good work.


Well done to everyone who took part in the Yellow Woods Challenge. Our school won a £50 prize. Check out the Yellow Woods site by clicking on Kirk below.




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Bumblebee Conservation Trust


 Have you any ECO ideas? Tell us below.

Can you think of a name for our hedgehog? Leave it below.


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Kirk Chambers(a few years ago)

I think the hedgehog could be called Spikey

Phebe Redmond(a few years ago)

We could call it Sammy or barney

Phebe Redmond(a few years ago)

if its a boy we could call it barney if its a girl we could call it molly

Chloe(a few years ago)

if it is a girl i would pick (rosy) if it is a boy i would pick (spike) BYE FOR NOW

Andrew Walker(a few years ago)

a boy hedgehog would be..... *Charley* a girl hedgehog.... Jess

Rachel(a few years ago)

A name for a girl hedgehog would be Lucky!!!! a boy hedgehog spikey!!! BYE BYE

Rachel Megaw(a few years ago)

hedgehog name girl sparkel boy stripes

bethany(a few years ago)

names for hedgehogs girl name rosy boy name spike

caitie(a few years ago)

well if it is a boy we could call it Spike and if it is a girl we could call it Harrit.:]

lauren sleith(a few years ago)

I think snuffles would be a good name for a hedgehog because he/she snuffles around.

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