Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

Bronte Nursery 2017-2018

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Amazon Jungle Show 

The children really enjoyed our visit from Amazon Jungle today. We met lots of interesting animals such as a tortoise, milk snake, python, a millipede, a tarantula, a gecko and bearded dragon lizard. 

May - Minibeasts and Spring 

 We are learning about different types of minibeasts. We have enjoyed minibeast hunts outside, painted our favourite minibeasts and enjoyed watching our caterpillars and tadpoles change as they grow.

April  - Transport and Spring

We are learning all about different types of transport such as cars, buses, aeroplanes, boats and trains. We have talked about how we get to school and our experiences on different types of transport. We are very excited because a real life Pilot is coming to visit us in Nursery to tell us about his job. We are also continuing to look out for signs of Spring and spending lots of time outside enjoying the better weather.

Big Bed Time Read Pyjama and Story Night

The children who took part in our Big Bed Time Read Program came in to the Nursery  for a play with their parents, had their supper and then they  enjoyed a bed time story. Some of the children even thought they were sleeping over at Nursery.

Easter 2018

We went to The Wilds for an Easter Egg Hunt. When we got back to class we found lots of ideas for exercises inside the eggs. We also made colourful eggs and salt dough decorations.

Fairy Tale Dress Up Day 

March - Fairy Tales 

We have been reading Fairy Tales and trying to use the pictures to help us retell familiar stories. We have been enjoying playing in The Three Bears Cottage. We also made yummy porridge and ate it during snack time. We painted the characters from Goldilocks, made a beanstalk for Jack and made the houses from The Three Little Pigs. 

Mr Hullabaloo 

We really enjoyed our visit from a story teller 'Mr Hullabaloo'. We listened to the stories of The Ugly Duckling, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk. 

February - Animals, Valentines Day and Winter

We have been learning about different types of animals such as pets, farm, sea and wild animals. We have been learning about the names of different animals and where they live. We also enjoyed playing in our Vets Surgery and Jungle Explorers role play areas. 

January - Cold Places and Space 

We have been learning all about animals and people who live in cold places such as The Arctic and Antarctica. We made junk model penguins and polar bears and made a whole class Winter collage. We also learnt about space and thought about things we might see if we went there. We made our own junk model space rockets and ink marbling planets. We also had lots of fun pretending to be scientists when Mrs Sterritt made our very own lava lamp. 

Our Nursery Nativity - Whoops a Daisy Angel 

December - Christmas

This month we have been very busy learning all about Christmas, practising for our Nativity 'Whoops a Daisy Angel' and taking part in lots of Christmas crafts. 

Debbie DoLittle's visit to Bronte Nursery 

Debbie came to visit us and we had the chance to meet and pet lots of different animals. We meet Linny the fox, Cookie the lion head rabbit, Spirit the barn owl, Crinkle the hedgehog and Mouse the ferret. We found out about how hedgehogs hibernate in the Autumn and Winter, that an owl can turn its head the whole way around and Linny the fox is afraid of other foxes and lives with Debbie. 

November - People Who Help Us

This month in Nursery we are learning all about People Who Help Us. We have lots of visitors coming in to see us in the Nursery, including the PSNI, an Optician, a Nurse and Debbie Doolittle. We are also going on the bus to the Dentist on our very first trip out of Nursery. Little Arriettas will be visiting us for the second time this year and we will also be having four sessions with 'Rise' to help develop the children's listening and attention skills. Keep checking our page to find out what we get up to this month. 

Active Understanding 

We have had four visits this month from the Rise Team. They delivered a program called 'Active Understanding.' We have been working on our listening skills and following instructions. We hope you enjoy trying out some of the ideas at home. 

Firefighters came to visit Nursery 

The children were very excited to meet the Fire Fighters. They found out about the uniform Fire Fighters wear, how to use a smoke alarm and how Fire Fighters help us. They were allowed to pretend to put out a fire using the big hose and sat inside the Fire Truck. 

A visit from an Optician 

We had a visit from Sandra Baird an Optician from Rathfriland. She told us all about how we can look after our eyes and we found out about some things that can damage our eyes, such as the sun. Mrs Barid brought in lots of glasses for us to try on. We all looked very smart indeed! Photos to follow... 

Our trip to the Dentist 

We went our first ever trip out of Nursery to visit the Dentist in Rathfriland. We met the staff and found out all about their jobs and how they help us. The Dentist told us how to look after our teeth and we thought about all the foods that make our teeth happy and sad. We had a chance to sit in the dentist chair and we even went home with a banana and sticker each. We really enjoyed our trip out of Nursery. 

A visit from the PSNI 

We went down to the Primary School to meet three PSNI officers. The Primary One children joined us. We found out all about the work of Police Officers and how they help us in the community. We had the chance to sit inside a Police car and try on their uniform. It was a very exciting visit and we learnt a lot about the jobs they do.

Our Senses and Body Parts 

We have been exploring our senses and taken part in smelling, feeling and listening investigations. We have also been learning about the different parts of our body through music. 

October - A visit from our new music teacher Jayne from Little Arriettas

October - All About Me and Autumn 

This month in Nursery we will be talking about our ourselves and our families. We will be learning about different body parts and our five senses. Mrs Sterritt and Mrs Copes have lots of fun investigations planned for us to explore our different senses. We will also be making lots of Autumn themed art work. Keep checking for weekly photo updates. 

Our Autumn walk in 'The Wilds'

This week we went on an Autumn walk in 'The Wilds' in search of Autumn items such as conkers, acorns and fallen leaves. We had really good fun walking though the squelchy mud. We used all the Autumn objects we found to make an investigation tray. 

September - It's All New

The children have all now settled into the Nursery and have enjoyed exploring their new environment and finding out about the different routines. We have been learning some Nursery Rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and I Hear Thunder. The children have also enjoyed printing their hands and exploring with paint in their very first Nursery paintings.

September - Snack Time in Nursery

We have been learning how to become very independent at snack time. We wash our hands, get our own cup and plate, pour our own drink and cereal, choose our own snack and when we finish our snack we put away our dishes. It's a lot to remember, but the children are doing a fantastic job.