Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit

We went to see The Grinch at the cinema!  It was a brilliant movie!  

P2 think we should go to the cinema EVERY week!!

 We love Christmas in P2!

We decorated our classroom, had Santa’s workshop in our play area, dressed up as elves and did lots of art and crafts!

We read lots of Fairytale stories in November!  Over three weeks we got to choose a different fairytale story book to take home EVERY night!!

Fort Evergreen!

Sometimes in P2 we work in small groups to complete tasks.  We have been using bee-bots, playing dominoes, using the class computers and also doing lots of measuring!  

We have had so much fun in 'The Wilds' this term!

We have enjoyed exploring, jumping in the stream, doing obstacle courses, climbing trees, crossing bridges and we did a pumpkin hunt too!