Bronte Primary School & Nursery Unit





This year we made books of our writing:

A Prickly Predicament, Autumn Poems, Mouse Poems, Myths, Our Pantomime Trip, River Nile Facts, Desert Facts and The Creepy House,


Our School Trip, June 2017


We learnt about the plants in the

Palm House


We enjoyed our visit to the Ulster Museum


We had great fun in the park!


We had great fun at Sports' Day



Useful Websites for Primary 5


Click here for Carroll Diagrams

Click here to practise your Mental Maths Skills

Hit the Button

Click here to have some Maths Fun

Click here to view clips about migration


Click here use an interactive clock 

Interactive Clock


We learnt lots about rainforests and enjoyed making our own!


We had great fun on Maths Day

15th February 2017

P5 Maths Day Challenge Winners:

Aaron, Lassara, Amy, Rachel and Tara


Hit the Button Challenge


Measuring inside and outside.

We worked out perimeter and area.


We played games and made patterns


We made Super Shapes.

Do you know what an icosahedron is?


We made a display of our Neolithic Pots


We tried Apple Jelly - Early Man gathered crab apples!


P5 thoroughly enjoyed Amazing Journey


Jack Frost

Mrs Robinson visited our class and we painted "Jack Frost" after reading the poem.

Thank you Mrs Robinson - we really enjoyed your visit!



We have been making Mesolithic Huts

January 2017


We had great fun making Firework Posters

November 2016


Pyjama Movie Day in aid of Children in Need


We had great fun measuring in the classroom


Autumn Art and Craft


Weighing with Mr McRoberts

October 2016


Learning about capacity- October 2016